Friday, 8 February 2013

Play DotA 2 Without Paying A Penny!

Valve said:

Dota 2 Invitation Signup

As we continue to develop and grow the DotA 2 community, we'll be sending out invites in increasing numbers. In order to join the pool of players we'll be pulling from, please click the link below to run the Steam Hardware Survey, then answer a few questions about your DotA experience.

DotA 2 Beta Signup has been started. Valve has started accepting requests for DotA 2 public Beta test on the official website of DotA 2. As many of the desperate fans want to get their hands on DotA 2. Here is a guide which will help you getting a free Dota 2 account. Thanks me! xD

Guide on how to signup for the beta DotA 2 (Public):

1- Register for a Stream account -

2- Install Stream client on your computer -

3- Open Steam client and signin, then click on the button below:

4- Finish the survey and you are done! Check your inbox recently and you will recieve the invite.

Note: The aforementioned method is the only way to get into DotA 2 Beta, Valve is not giving away any sort of DotA 2 Beta Keys/Invites codes, If anyone is selling or asking you to enter email for beta invitation, don’t do it!

The DotA 2 Public Beta test will probably start in few weeks so, it is advised to signup for beta as soon as possible.


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